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Filming location: Kleine Steinstraße

Day of women

(Successful freeing of more than 200 women from prison)

Today there is nothing on the small Steinstrasse that reminds us of the dramatic, happy and historically unique events of June 17, 1953.

Since morning, thousands of relatives gathered in front of the gate of the women's prison. By midday, hundreds of strikers and protesting students arrived. Loud chants demanded the release of the inprisoned women.

A wise prison administration began to negotiate with the demonstrators. However, it took several hours until a result was achieved. Everyones nerves were on edge. There were scuffles inside the prison. A man was injured. The only carbines were captured, taken outside and dismantled. 

At some point the cell doors were opened. Albert Ammer and Jutta-Regina Lau filmed the liberation of all prisoners. The then 22-year-old film assistant was shocked when she saw the very young people, some of them visibly marked by the imprisonment. She also saw shockingly old women in convict clothing. 

Some of the liberated women smile into the film camera - relieved and full of joy. 

At least 245 inmates were freed within a very short time. The security forces watched helplessly.

It wasn't until shortly after 4 p.m. that high-ranking Soviet officers arrived with armed soldiers and secured the emptied prison. 

A truly historic event happened on "Little Stonestreet": the only successful prison liberation in the GDR. 

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