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Land of the Raven

John Landis wrote: "Well photograped & very interesting"

Get on a ture treasure hunt in British Columbia, Canada.

Hop on the airplane. Find yourself surrounded by old First Nations artefacts.

Tour the Pacific Coast on a fishing boat. Cruise through the streets of Vancouver, BC. Listen to First Nations legends.

Let the gigantic clear-cuts of the Forest industry scare you. Experience quietness on tiny islands at the Canadian West Coast.


The German-born bush pilot loves his airplane, brand "Beaver". Once airbourne he scans the beautiful sights from above and carefully listens to the sounds of his metal-love with wings. We cross empty Pacific shores and fly across natural BC - until horror pictures imerse into our brain. Man is destroying nature at fast speed.  

Beaver seaplane, scene from "Land of the Raven"

Discover hidden myths of West Coast First Nations. 

The Raven is the smart and witty ruler on the West Coast. Once he helped Humans to enter the world. At the beginning of the last century, West Coast First Nations lost all what they cherished. The Canadian Government brutally banned their languages. The everlasting mediator between the past and today was lost. The discriminatory Government also took away invaluable artefacts.

Namgis First Nation members during traditional dance

Marvel at the home of Canada's wild salmon.

On the small island of Alert Bay, the 'Namgis have been fighting for their culture, identity and language for more than 50 years. The 'Namgis were first of the First Nations to re-collect their art treasures back from museums in Canada and around the world. The First Nations own museum presents Potlach memories and artful legends. Today the 'Namgis try to make a living from fishing and hand crafts. But even 30 years ago the salmon's future was in peril. Massive deforestation, damaging overfishing and ever hungry industry  are about to change the West Coast homeland forever. 

First Nations salmon barbeque, Alert Bay

A Vancouver Pioneer shares his memories

The former Chief of Police, Vancouver B.C. recollects memories from a forgotten world - although his stories are only a couple of decades ago. The fast change of our world was at the end of 20th century more visible in Vanouver than anywhere else.
It seems far ago that Vanouver Pioneer William Booth became honorable chief of a First Nations band.
It was a time before skyscrapers in Vancouver - wasn't it just yesterday?

Film scene from "Land of the Raven"

Hong Kong, ludicrous construction craze & the search for happiness in the big city.

1994 witnessed in Vancouver, BC the biggest construction project in entire North America. A mind-boggling glas and concrete jungle was being set up in the middle of downtown Vancouver. A team of new Vancouverits from Hong Kong planned and realized the mighty deal. The TV news cameraman cruises endlessly with his van through the streets of Vancouver. He is constantly on the hunt for hot and exciting TV headlines. Vancouver never sleeps. Vancouver is changing overnite.

TV cameraman on rooftop in Vancouver, B.C.

Land of the Raven - A film by Alexander K. Ammer

The documentary for the movies!

Impressive photography lead to timeless questions of our time. The diverse people of British Columbia tell their stories.

The film adds no journalistic commentary. Listen instead to First Nations' legends and hear excerpts from historic travel journeys of pioneering explorers to the West Coast. Take a ride on this entertaining and facinating film journey. It is a journey of discovery and reflection. It took place almost 30 years ago and seems more vibrant and true than ever.

Canadian flag in Vancouver, B.C.
German Film
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