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Your Career Star

Guide by
Alexander K. Ammer

Your Career Star with Superpower

Your Career Star is a game changer

for your career.

I wish I had this pocket guide available at an earlier stage of my career...

Five dimensions for your successful career.
Alexander K. Ammer's advice leads you to new perspectives. 

30 specific case studies.

"Action Items" verifiy your individual career position. 

Quick-Checks provide deep-dives.

Analytic Q&A provide insights, tips & tricks. 
It is your step-by-step approach to more success.


Karriere-Fee Ratgeber Alexander K. Ammer

Your Career Star

The guide book by Alexander K. Ammer


The first Superpower of the Career Star is COOL. Discover surprising insights which will help you to master the challenges within your career. "Build your cool", "be positive" are examples.
"Know your enemies" is as important as keeping up a healthy dose of optimism


What is it that you represent in your job? Beef-up your topical and personal relevance. Your Career Star enables you to differentiate yourself from the competition. The guide illustrates success factors in dealing with clients and how to improve meetings. Start to shine with CONTENT relevance. 



The CORE will make the difference! The Career Star explains key tips & tricks around the CORE. Ever thought about CORE areas within your company or organization? What about the powers of CORE networks? Discover the corporate CORE. Strengthen your own CORE.


CHANGE is constant and ever present. Get fit for CHANGE. CHANGE is full of new opportunities. Learn about CHANGE phases. When is the right time for CHANGE? The Career Star confronts you with Dark CHANGE.
Create your better future with CHANGE. 

Karrierestern Titel Alexander K. Ammer

NEW: English eBook

Career Star book by Alexander K. Ammer

Together is the name of the game. "Be more" is another secret of the Career Star. What separates a CREW from a team? How will you profit from your CREW? Build your high-performing CREW. Create a powerful Ecosystem of Expertise für your career. 

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