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All over Giesing

The documentary with a twist.

The film explores not only fascinating facets of Munich's people, it also takes unusaual turns. It follows chimeny sweets from roof to roof: All above the city.

Regardless of its 30 years of age, and being shot in black & white, the documentary feels highly up-to-date.

Munich's city district "Giesing" originally was an infamous working-class neighborhood. The filmmakers talk to the people and discover surprising insights and stories. A once-homeless recounts his long-gone time as "capitalist in the USA". A Kurdish refugee tells form catastrophic bombing of his hometown. Not only his face is full of brutal scars. A mother stands on her useless balcony just above an 8-lane road. A young family tells from their experiences, living just across the local prison. All people, from diverse backgrounds share a common city home. Their perspectives on live differ greatly.

Filmszene Über Giesing, Ehepaar blickt auf Fussballstadion 1860 München

Entertaining, moving and thoughfull encounters. 

An elderly couple calls Giesing their home for more than 70 years. For sixty years they have been living in the same apparment building. From their living room, they face the soccer field of Munich's oldest Soccer club 1860. For 50 years they have not missed to watch the home game from their window. The husband is an expert on soccer and wants the better team to win. His wife is a more loyal fan and says "1860 shall win!"

Filmcrew Über Giesing 1990, Alexander K. Ammer, Walter Wehmeyer, Quang Bobrowski über den Dächern von München

Best-in-class team work - all above the city roofs.

Filmmakers Alexander K. Ammer, Quang V. Bobrowski and Walter Wehmeyer jointly planned, produced and directed this unique and documentary film. They shared all responsibilities. They traded gifts and talents. 
The entire film focusses on visuals. There is no commentary. The people of Giesing tell their stories - authentically and directly. 

It is a timeless masterpiece. Just 2021 the film was being presented again in Munich. It is just amazing and jaw-dropping: it's stories are as relevant today as 30 years ago.   

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