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AKAlytics Coaching

Achieving joint results and managing tough projects require trust. Trust is the key to great companies, high performing teams, successful careers and for a head start into a new job.  

For me, coaching means strengthening strengths and promoting personal potential. Often a key to success lies in choosing smart behaviors. The complexity of today's world often creates confusion and complications. To success a strong partner and coach is essential.


I practiced Taek-Won-Do for several years. Hereby I studied how great actions vary according to external factors and individual possibilities. Good behavior can also consist in avoiding specific actions. An open and honest assessment of abilities is just as important as a cool observation of external factors.  

As Head of Recruiting and Lead of special projects, I have helped shape the career paths for numerous team members. In countless cases, I provided guidance and strategic advice to managers, employees and business partners. Open dialogue and mutual trust are essential for any journey.


During the global Covid-19 crisis, I put together lessons learned from my international roles as a project leader, coach, motivator and sparring partner. The results cumulated into the DIY manual “Your Career Star”. 


Since then, I have also been offering coaching for professional development. I support job starters, career makers and job changers. Mastering your next step or "seemingly simple" job interviews requires optimal preparation and insights from an expert. 


Strengthened-strengths, win-with-talent and smart communication are core to my coaching approach.

Click here for deeper insights into "Your Career Star".


Let's make a difference - together!    



DIY manual by Alexander K. Ammer

Your Carreer Star, German edition title

Your Carreer Star

Alexander K. Ammer

Your Career Star English title page

DIY manual

Alexander K. Ammer

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