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Nothing is more exciting than true history.

When Russian tanks and troops invaded Ukraine in February 2022 and it became clear that the lives of millions of innocent people would become under unimageable pressure, I began to complete my novel "Alberts Bilder bleiben". 

At the end of that novel, on June 17, 1953, the hopes and dreams of millions of East German citizens are buried under brutal force of Soviet Army tanks. From that very moment on, my family's life was changed forever.

Images run through my entire life. As a trained documentary filmmaker, I have learned to look behind the scenes of "plausible stories" and to listen to authentic people.


In my novel I researched European history and tried to understand more about how "someone" (my father) could be sentenced to three years in prison just for professionally filming happy and smiling people.


It was a journey to perished German states. The novel is full of forgotten stories beyond the "known paths" and common historic interpretations. 

Alexander K. Ammer, author

Author Alexander K. Ammer presents his novel in Halle

History & Biography
"Alberts Bilder bleiben"

Alexander K. Ammer's novel "Alberts Bilder bleiben"

In his novel "Alberts Bilder bleiben" Alexander K. Ammer starts to rediscover the adventurous life of his father, Albert Ammer. He was once proclaimed a public enemy to Communist East Germany. On June 17th 1953 he filmed how peaceful people demonstrated against the government. The footage filmed in Halle (Saale) created government actions which did not know any mercy.. 

The life of cameraman Albert Ammer turns into a spy thriller. The reader follows Alberts pictures he took between the years 1930 and 1953. 

80 original black & white photographs illustrate the novel. 

Albert Ammer behind his film camera

People smiled at his camera. As a cameraman, Albert was able to capture the best in the world. He came from a village in Thuringia and taught himself photography. During World War II he was put into a uniform that he detested. He searched for bliss and humanity all over Europe. True events with real pictures. He paid heavy prices for his photographic interest in people's lives. Images of joy and freedom are dangerous goods in totalitarian regimes. A book of adventures and thrilling encounters. A novel about the power of images in four, perished German states. An entertaining and unique biography about a strong will for freedom, powerlessness against aggressors, government lies and crazy history. 

More information about the novel: here on akalytics or directly at Amazon.

Even though this novel features "long ago" history, it is a timeless piece of work. Its relevance is higher in today's world with rising military aggression and increased inequalities. The power of images, the fragility of humanity and the cry for freedom are hot topics. Every day, anywhere in the world, innocent people are still througn into jail for minor issues and political reasons. Freedom can never be taken for granted. Please note the 4 videos about “forbidden images” on this website.


For the 70th anniversary of June 17, 1953, I managed to took part in new and groundbreaking documentaries of National German TV (ARD-History, ZDF-Terra X). It's hard to believe, but even after 70 years later, many of the pictures made by Albert Ammer in Halle (S.) are still relatively unknown. In a picture exhibition in Halle (S.) some film pictures and still photos were shown for the first time in public.  

Forbidden pictures our past

June 17th, 1953 in Halle (S.)

June 17, 1953 is a special day in European history. June 17th is a date which ranks among great European freedom movements of the 20th century. The day is in line with important days of freedom in Europe: e.g. the uprising in Hungary in 1956 and the Prague Spring in 1968. All of these protests against socialist regimes ended bloodily and failed. The courage of the citizens need to be honored and remembered. 

Even 70 years later, there are many previously overlooked or ignored facts and truths to be rediscovered. 

A courageous film team filmed dramatic events in Halle (Saale). The courageous cameraman Albert Ammer paid a hefty price for his work. He was sentenced to three years of prison in East Germany. It's time to take a closer look at his film work. 

In my 2023 videos, I present historic images from the 1953 film at original shooting locations. It is a unique mix of yesterday and today. 

Halle (Saale) is a special city and worth a visit. Let's take a closer look: at forbidden images of our dramatic past.     

Downtown Halle and Handel monument

June 17th, 1953 in Halle (S.)

AKAlytics presents
"forbidden pictures our past"


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