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Drehort: Marktplatz, Halle (S.)

 Der heitere Aufstand von 1953

Underneath the famous skyline of the city of Halle's market square dramatic events enfolded on June 17th 1953. 

Tens of thousands of people from all over of the city and neighboring industry areas marched towards downtown. This market square was the place to meet - in a time before even telefones were widespread. Without coordination or a plan, people just went on strike and walked towards Halle's city square.

Even hospital workforces, mainly consisting of women joied the march of striking industry workers. Loud chants were shouted. Many of the chants made fun of communist party leaders, decried current politics, called for the resignation of the government and demanded free elections. It was a direct storm against the ruling communist regime. 

The camera team of Ammer und Lau did not hesitate and began to film the unfolding events.

On the central market square they shot todays most famous scenes of jubilant demonstrators, young protesters and striking workers. Participants in the demonstrations smile at Ammer's camera and wave happily. It looks almost as if people were celebrating at a festival. 

The film team is standing with its camera on top of a truck - on the middle of the market square - for everyone to see. They film. Young women and strike leaders wve towards their camera. 

The iconic picture of a smiling and happy strike leader Herbert Gohlke surrounded by women and strikers is a famous picture today.

Several meters of film are being shot. Today only a few single pictures from that film survived and tell the gripping story.

It is Albert Ammer's and Jutta-Regina Lau's achievement that indeed professional pictures document what happened at noon time at Halle's market square. 

Watch the clip and get to know some fascinating facts and check for yourself two original pictures from the film. 


Here link to the novel "Alberts Bilder bleiben".

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