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Photographic Archive Ammer

The Photographic Archive Ammer (PAA) consists of many more than 10,000 historic and unique photograps. The PAA comprises of pictures from Albert Ammer and Jutta-Regina Lau (Ammer). 

More releant information on the professional lives of both photograhers can be found on (in German). Jutta-Regina Lau received a master photographer diploma in 1953 and can be regarded as one of the earliest professional female photographers in former East-Germany. Albert Ammer's photpgraphic works extend over 60 years of European and German history, starting in the early 1930s in Thuringa, Germany. For both people took center stage in their lenses. Their pictures allow a fresh look into past history.  

Albert Ammer's work has been assessed by historians and photographers. Several exhibition displayed his photographies. Especially his pictures during recovery and re-building in early, communist East Germany open views into long lost subjects and forgotten events. Albert Ammer's portrayls of farmers and rural people in Sicily 1941 and Greece 1943 are second-to-none. The greek artifacts and ancient monuments photographed in 1942 and 1943 show brilliant pictures in black & white with a love to detail which might have perished soon after (e.g. marble structures being destroyed ("eaten) by pollution). 


Albert Ammer put history of European dimensions into film pictures on June 17th 1953. His focus again on demonstrators, protesters and freed prisoners create pictures with timeless relevance. Further highlights are photographs from rural Africa in Tschad, Kamerun, Niger and Nigeria from 1962. His photographic documents allow a glimpse in since then lost traditions and century old rituals. More masterpieces were created in direct interaction with leading artists of the 1960s. His intimate portrayls of Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Ernst Fuchs cannot be matched. 

Major subject areas of the Photograhic Archive Ammer - black & white pictures: 

  • Rural Thuringa (Vogtland) early 1930s

  • Alpine touring in Austrian/ Italian mountains 1938 (e.g. Ötztal)

  • People and landscapes of Sicily 1941

  • People and landscapes of Greese 1942 and 1943

  • Ancient Greek monuments 1942 and 1943 (e.g. Acropolis, Athens)

  • Bomb raided Berlin, end of 1944

  • The years "zero" in East Germany 1945-1948

  • Reconstruction in the early GDR 1949-1952

  • Halle (Saale) 1950s

  • Public uprising on June 17th 1953 in Halle (Saale)

  • Western Germany end of 1950s until 1989

  • Artists, actors and film stars of 1960s and 1970s

  • Portrayals of authors 1950s until 1980s (z.B. Thomas Mann)

  • Artists of "Vienna School" 1970s (e.g. Hundertwasser, Fuchs)

  • Artists close-up 1970s (e.g. Hrdlicka, Brauer)

  • Film stars 1970s (e.g. Maria Schell, Fröbe)

Examples of further subjects of PAA - color photograpy:

  • Art, people and landscapes West-Germany 1960s until 1989

  • Art, people and landscapes Italie 1960s and 1970s

  • Art, people and landscapes Tschad, Kamerun, Niger, Nigeria 1963

  • Art, people and landscapes Greece 1970s and 1980s

  • Portrayals of children and babies 1960s and 1970s 

  • Construction of Olympiastadium and area in Munich 1970

  • landscapes of Bavaria and Austria in all four seasons 1960 until 1989

  • Comprehensive collection of doors from several European countries 1980s 

Pictures and negatives from PAA have been used in many documentaries for film and TV. Any use is stricly protected by copy right laws. 

The Photographic Archive Ammer is managed by Alexander K. Ammer. AKAlytics will be happy to assist with any inquiries. We will appreciate requests. Terms and conditions apply. 

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